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God's Peaks Lodge

Box 125 Parson, British Columbia

V0A 1L0 Canada

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Getting Here

God's Peaks Lodge is located just 4kmoff of highway 95  between Golden and Radium

It is 40 km southwest of Golden.  (30 minute drive).

It is 65 km Northeast of Radium. (45 minute drive).

Our Team

Mark Dyck

Mark is the husband of his lovely wife, June, and the father of 5 beautiful children. He has had a career as an electrical engineer; at the same time making sure that his hands stay calloused and his logic practical while working as a part-time rancher. Now he is still "in school", an apprentice of Jesus, learning from Him how to live his life.

It was in Mark's mind that the dream of God's Peaks Lodge was conceived. When he and June moved to BC to God's Peaks Ranch in 2009, he already had the idea of creating  a place  where people could come together to consider the big questions of life; where answers that Jesus offered as truth might be discussed, understood, and ultimately known.  In the fall of 2017 the construction of the lodge began, and his vision moved one step closer to reality.

June Dyck

June loves gardening,  cross country skiing, and visiting her growing clan of grandchildren. She is the behind the scenes support for God's Peaks Lodge.  She is a gracious host, keeping the fridge and table well stocked for her family and countless guests. She is  always ready to lend a listening ear and is genuinely interested in the lives of everyone she meets. God uses June to bless all those around her.

Darcy Vandekraats

In January 2019, Darcy and his wife, Kristen,  moved to BC to join the God's Peaks Lodge Team. Darcy loves mountain biking and chainsawing, and is stoked for trying these out in his new back yard. He is always excited to make new friends and loves hanging around the campfire with old ones.  He has a passion for youth ministry, and has worked  at Frontier Lodge on and off for the past 13 years.  At Frontier Lodge Darcy has built many meaningful relationships with both campers and coworkers. He loves seeing Jesus transforms lives.  Now, working at God's Peaks Lodge, Darcy is excited to see how God will use him in this new place. 

Kristen Vandekraats

Kristen is also excited to be in this new chapter of life. She loves bringing people out into God's creation and experiencing life together. Whether backpacking in the desert for 21 days, or organizing a summer camp, Kristen is always up for an adventure. In the coming years, she wants to listen to Jesus' words and live like she believes them.   "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life ...But seek his Kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well."                    -Jesus (Luke 12:22-34)

Mark and June

 Kristen and Darcy

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